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Anyone who avidly follows contemporary popular culture and cultural trends in general is probably well aware of the fact that the pornography adult entertainment industry is an entity that generates billions of dollars in the United States annually. Some estimates suggest that the figure is as much as 13 billion. According to the website expastors.

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It's even more addictive than drug addictions because the images are directly stored in the memory and imagination which remain long after viewing Internet pornography, altering the structure and function of the brain," said Dr. She also says it's the medium of the message that has a more significant role than the content in altering the functional connectivity of the brain—specifically that high speed Internet can rewire the pleasure center, especially when coupled with pornographic images. Studies show that those who view Internet pornography for hours each week have decreased gray matter, a major component of central nervous system, than those who do not view it.

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I need assistance in helping my year-old son to be healed of addiction to pornography. Despite my attempts to shield it from him, it has entered his life and he shows no control. Even with a code on the phone, today he managed to get to it before the screen locked and helped himself while I was in the shower. He was not on inappropriate sites, just a game.

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The findings, presented at the American Psychological Association, suggest that the age at which men first experience pornography may influence their attitudes about women and sex. Learning theory suggests that, the more exposure a person has to a certain message, the more likely he or she is to adopt it. The men were asked about the age at which they were first exposed to pornographic material, and whether that exposure was forced, accidental or voluntary.

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Despite many of our popular beliefs, the internet is not a safe place for our children to be roaming around. Pornography and predators seem to be lurking everywhere, just waiting to hook your child into their schemes. Not to mention that one out of every seven teenagers will be subject to an online sexual advance.

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We are a generation fuelled by information. I could probably find out what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast this morning or who won the Olympics in a matter of seconds. But I could also find much more — perhaps much more damaging.

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The statistics can overwhelm parents. It is accessible through television, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Manning, who is a frequent presenter on the impact of pornography on marriage and family. Even with the seeming pervasiveness of pornography, parents have power to protect their children and prepare them to face and reject pornography.

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We live in a soft porn culture. The search for images of naked or scantily clad women used to be underground. Now those images bombard us from television, billboards, retail displays, and catalog covers.

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It is known by those of us in the field of child development that the focal point of sexual interest is not very well established among young adolescents. It can be redirected by an early sexual experience wanted or unwanted or by exposure to pornography. A boy who would normally be stimulated by a "cheerleader" image of the opposite sex can learn through obscenity to find excitement in hurting someone, or in sex with animals, or in homosexual violence, or in having sex with younger children. Many men who have succumbed to these perverse sexual appetites have traced them to the dawn of their adolescence.


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