Asked to be a sperm donor

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According to my something-year-old Jewish mother, the first question everyone asks, when they hear I used an anonymous sperm donor to get pregnant is: Is she a lesbian? In my experience, the questions everyone asks go like this: How did you choose the donor? What do you know about him?

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Dear Amy: My mother conceived both my brother and me using a sperm donor. This information was never kept from us, and my mother has spoken openly about it throughout our lives. My mom asked me not to publicly post about my ancestry test, lest my cousin get curious and also want to take one, outing her parents.

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The process can look like a seamless way to create a family, and for many, it is. As simple a transaction as sperm donation can seem to be, though, some find it to be stressful or isolating—and because assisted reproductive technology is a relatively new, rapidly developing field, the social and emotional challenges that can arise between the participants in a sperm donation are, for many, uncharted. Even decades after these practices have become common and their intricacies should theoretically be common knowledge, many of those who opt for sperm donation are still consistently surprised by all the ways it can shape—in some cases straining and, in others, enhancing—family dynamics.

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On the day my friends, a lesbian couple, asked if I would donate sperm, I was delighted. Incredibly, my friend became pregnant on that first attempt. We sat down and had a lovely talk where they reassured me and we decided to wait before trying again.

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Your Doctor, Nurse or Donor Co-ordinator at your local clinic will be able to advise you how long the approximate waiting time is. It is important to be aware that the length of time you may need to wait is an estimate, the waiting time can become longer or shorter. This is because there are many factors contributing.

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For some individuals and couples, choosing a sperm donor can be one of the most challenging decisions they will need to make on their path to parenthood. This article will attempt to help you work through that process in as pain-free a way as possible. Move through the following questions to help better define what you are looking for in a donor.

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TAGS: anonymous sperm donor known sperm donor sperm donation third party reproduction meryl rosenberg esq. Working with a sperm donor that you have any kind of relationship with is very different than finding one through a cryobank. Because of the extensive amount of information required by sperm-or cryobanks, in order to become a donor, ironically, the cryobanks actually know more about their donors than the donors may know about themselves!

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My husband called me at work, excited about the prospect. I hesitated. Or are they asking you to have sex with her until she gets pregnant? Because one is very clinical and the other seems potentially problematic.

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Do you require proof of education? Yes, potential donors must supply proof of education. Do I have to live in the United States to donate?

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Donor sperm may be needed either because of fertility problems in the male partner or because there is no male partner. Sperm donation is a generous and positive act that can give many couples and women a child of their own. If you decide to become a donor, you will have made the choice to help others in fulfilling their hopes of have a family. We aim to develop a diverse sperm bank and are looking for donors from all nationalities, religions, ethnicities and cultures to meet the demands of the people who use our service.


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