Teens health issues

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Scarleteen Founded inScarleteen is a grassroots organization that promotes sexuality and sexual health education. MedlinePlus: Teen Health Locate a variety of information on teen health issues. This page is also suitable for teen's to search for their own health information.

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With the joys of parenthood comes a host of worries. According to a report by the University of Michigan C. Childhood obesity continues to outrank all other health problems as the number-one concern for children in the U.

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Being a teen is stressful even for physically healthy teens. Chronic illness during adolescence can complicate development. The illness, treatment, hospitalization, and surgery when necessary all magnify concerns about a teen's physical appearance.

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Mental illnesses are disorders of brain function. Having a mental illness is not a choice or moral failing. Mental illnesses occur at similar rates around the world, in every culture and in all socio economic groups. Having a mental disorder should not be any different than experiencing a physical illness.

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Teens experience many of the same mental health issues as adults. However, many teens go undiagnosed and untreated, even though most conditions are treatable. Although some teens may be at a higher risk based on genetics and their past experiences, all teens are susceptible to mental illness—including straight A students and star athletes.

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A new survey from the Pew Research Center found that seven-in teens identified anxiety and depression as a major problem they face, The New York Times reported. While being a teenager has long been synonymous with angst, it's important to distinguish typical teen behavior from anxiety and depression, which are diagnosable mental health conditions. Though issues like bullying, substance use disorder, alcohol consumptionand gang violence were also cited as problems, mental health was found to be the top concern among the teens surveyed.

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The term adolescent and young people are often used interchangeably, as are the terms Adolescent Health and Youth Health. Young people's health is often complex and requires a comprehensive, biopsychosocial approach. Some young people engage in risky behaviours that affect their health and therefore the majority of health problems are psychosocial.

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Then, concentrate on ensuring your teen is well-informed and better-equipped to make healthy choices on her own. Focus on the actual health risks that could impact the rest of her life. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of teen death in the U.

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As children move through the various tumultuous transitions that accompany adolescence — physical, emotional, hormonal, sexual, social, intellectual — the pressures and problems they encounter can all too easily seem overwhelming. For many teenagersthese and other pressures can lead to one or more of a variety of mental health disorders; all are matters of concern, and some are life-threatening. Talk about your own experiences and fears when you were an adolescent.

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Most American teenagers — across demographic groups — see depression and anxiety as major problems among their peers, a new survey by the Pew Research Center found. The survey found that 70 percent of teenagers saw mental health as a big issue. Fewer teenagers cited bullying, drug addiction or gangs as major problems; those from low-income households were more likely to do so.


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